Titanium Lime – PfCO, Operations Manual and UAV Insurance

All UK UAV/drone operators working for commercial gain need a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

When you hire an operator, you should always ask to see their PfCO from the CAA, their operations manual and their current insurance policy to ensure they are operating legally.

At www.titaniumlime.com we always carry all three documents throughout every job. For more information and help with your next job just drop us a line.

Titanium Lime – Flying drones across the UK

Are you looking for a UK based drone company to take your creative aerial ideas further? Titanium Lime can provide UAV photography or drone videography across the UK. Fully insured and with CAA PfCO. Could you use a drone to take photos of your school or work place? Would a video filmed from a UAV add something to your project? Could a quadcopter provide security at an event you’re hosting. Contact Titanium Lime now to discuss your next job. Just go to http://www.titaniumlime.com or email info@titaniumlime.com